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WireGoggles is an application for Android devices that displays real-time wireframe outlines of what your camera is looking at. You can choose from multiple color schemes and save snapshots as PNG files.

Vector Pinball

Vector Pinball is a free and open source pinball game for Android devices, with simple vector graphics and a physics library for accurate simulation.


Dodge is a simple game for Android devices where you steer a ball from one end of the screen to the other, avoiding a swarm of enemy dots.


Gridlock is a collection of over 25 abstract strategy board games, which you can play against computer opponents or over the network. See the Gridlock page for details and downloads.


SaverLab runs Mac OS X screensaver modules in regular windows. It allows you to run any number of modules simultaneously, pause, single step, and save animations as QuickTime movies, and allows you to use a screensaver as your desktop background (see documentation for details and limitations).
Download application (requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later)
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