Version 2.1
Copyright (c) 2009 Brian Nenninger

Gridlock is collection of over 25 abstract strategy board games, including Ataxx, Reversi, Checkers, Chess, Connect Four, and many others. Most of the games are for two players; you can play against computer opponents of adjustable difficulty, or human opponents over the network. There are also several solitaire games. Some of the games can be played in 3-dimensional boards.

You can browse the documentation for Gridlock; it is also available in the game from the Help menu.


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The Mac versions have identical functionality; the only difference is that the 10.5 version is smaller because it doesn't need to include copies of several libraries that are shipped with Leopard. If you download the source distribution, see the README-src.txt file for instructions on building and running.
Mac OS X 10.5 only 4.2 MB Download
Mac OS X 10.4 or later 20.3 MB Download
Windows (XP/Vista/7) 19.7 MB Download
Source code (for Mac/Windows/Linux) 3.1 MB Download


Gridlock is completely free, and is distributed under
version 3 of the GNU General Public License. Donations are welcome and will encourage future development; you can donate via PayPal.

Gridlock comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Version History

2.1, Apr 5 2009

2.0, Feb 17 2009: initial release


Contact me at with bug reports, comments, or suggestions.

Boring Technical Information

Gridlock is written in 100% Python. It uses wxPython for the user interface, PyOpenGL for OpenGL graphics, and Numpy for representing the game state as a multidimensional array. It is primaily developed under Mac OS X, and is tested on Windows Vista and Linux (Ubuntu 8.10). In theory it should work on any platform that supports Python and the above libraries.