Vector Pinball

Version 1.2.4
Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Brian Nenninger

Vector Pinball is a pinball game for Android. The graphics are intentionally simple; everything is drawn with lines and circles. It uses the libgdx library from Bad Logic Games, which provides the Box2D physics engine for accurate simulation.

Vector Pinball is open source and released under version 3 of the GPL. The GitHub project page is at Fixes and improvements are very welcome.

You can download it from the Android Market by scanning this QR code:

If you can't access the Android Market, you can download the APK directly by clicking here.


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Version History

1.2.4, Jun 28 2011:

1.2.1, Jun 22 2011: 1.2, Jun 21 2011: 1.1, Jan 30 2011:

1.0.2, Jan 2 2011:

1.0.1, Dec 4 2010: 1.0, Nov 20 2010:


Contact me at with bug reports, comments, or suggestions.